Assumption of Command

03 August 2005

Blogging on Blogging

If you look over to the right of the screen, you will see that I am a member of the Milbolgs Community. That means that I am a member of a group that discusses current military issues or relate personal experiences about the military that I have had.

It just so happens that I am in the Military (I know, Shocking Revelation) and have some things to share. But tell you the truth sometimes I just don't feel like talking about it.

Let me explain. I received an email from an Air Force Butter Bar Lieutenant:
Hello Sir!
I love your site, it is very similar to Black Five and Castle Aarggh in being both informative and entertaining. If you could I am sure your readership would love to know more of the day to day happenings in the company. Also, your thoughts on what is going on with the ISF, the IP, the Constitution and what the future looks like. It is hard to get the truth back here in DC without reading the blogs and hearing from our boots on the ground.

Be safe!

Jarred A. Fishman
2nd Lieutenant, USAF (Res.)
Air Force Pundit
Jarred, I appreciate the kind words. You know what, I do like to post stuff about the Iraqi Security Forces, Iraqi Army, and Iraqi Police. I feel they are making great moves toward self sufficiency. (I am out of the loop on their Constitutional progress)

BTW: Visit Jarred's Site

But there are times, Like now, that I really am not in a mood to talk about things going on over here. It is hard to explain this, but I will try.

Here is a widely known truth in modern day deployments: "It much easier deploying than it is Redeploying". When you deploy you have all the assets in the world pushing you out of you deployment station. There were literally hundreds of people who were assisting us in making sure we (and the umpteen other units) deployed properly, had all the needed stuff, checked all the blocks, got all the paperwork squared away and were trained properly. Although it is a pain in the backside, these deployment stations are getting this process down pat and units are able to deploy with less and less gnashing of teeth.

Fast Forward to the now. My company is doing the mission, getting the real work done and the clock is winding down on this deployment (YEA!) but things are getting really stupid around here. The hoop jumping is becoming very wearisome. Not only are there more hoops showing up every day they are getting harder and harder to jump through when I still have the mission going on.

This frustration has been hitting me pretty hard, but I am also starting to "smell the barn". I know I am getting close to going home and my mind is starting to think about things back home more and more. This is causing my "Give a Crap Factor" to go down. My mission is getting done, but it is taking more and more time to get out of bed in the morning to face that mission.

With all of that said, I am finding that I am using this blog and other web sites and cool stuff on the internet as a pseudo-getaway from the things that are frustrating. I am stating to get tired of talking about the Military, even though I still love the Army. The different things going on around here and some of the internal conflicts that are going on are dragging my motivation down. I am trying to keep that motivation/"Give a Crap Factor" up as much as I can but when the day is over and it is time for me to relax, I just don't want to talk about the things (ie this deployment and the military) that are annoying me as much as they are. That is why you get posts like this, or this, or this, or this, from time to time.

I have met some very neat people through this blog (basil too) and have had some good times chatting with my friends back home about stuff. I am very glad I started it doing this. I have even improved my speellinng. And by no means do I plan on stopping this blog, but it is my blog and I will be posting about whatever comes to mind at the time. I will not stop doing military stuff, but as you can tell, that isn't all I will talk about.

So after all of this, what is the point?

Let me sum up: If you arrive at Assumption of Command and I don't have something new about Iraq or the Army or Air Force Butter Bars Lieutenants, please understand that there will be more later as today I just didn't feel like it or I didn't have anything new to report. And yes I am still very behind on E-mails; I know I haven't responded to all of them. I have even forgotten to reply to some of my Mustang Mama's e-mails. But I am reading them all.

So just bear with me. And thanks for reading!

BTW: also as things get busier around here, which they will, don't be surprised if this guy does some guest posting when I won't be able to. And it will be good for Dave since he doesn't have a blog of his own yet. (and he is the one who introduced me to blogs in the first place. Sheesh!)

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