Assumption of Command

18 August 2005

Coming Soon!

My time here in Iraq is, depending on how I am feeling at the time, slowly and quickly coming to an end. Right now we are using terms like Advanced party, Relief in Place (RIP), Transfer of Authority (TOA), Left Seat Ride, Right Seat Ride. We are packing foot lockers and connexes, coordinating customs inspections. We are getting ready to move out of the Containerized Housing Units (CHU) to move to a temporary location so our replacements can move right into their new home. These are all good signs that this “Extended Desert Vacation Getaway” will be coming to and end soon. (although soon is never soon enough)

When coming to the end of something important journey, one tends to look back and reflect on the trip. I am no different. Over the next week or so I will be posting a 5 part series on what command has meant to me and what I have learned.
  1. Good times
  2. Bad Times
  3. Necessities
  4. Trust
  5. The effects of deployment on me.
So Sit back, relax, grab you favorite beverage and enjoy. “Good Times” will be posted soon has been posted.