Assumption of Command

05 August 2005

Couple of Admin Notes

I have official changed my E-mail address. I am starting to get sick of my 2MB limit at hotmail so I know I have a Gmail account with 2.5 GB of space!!!! I will still be checking the old account, but I want to try to move away from it.

My new address is Mustang23-dot-Assume@gmail-dot-com
(change the -dot- to real dots)

I also have plenty of invites if you want a Gmail account of your own. I highly recommend it.

As you might have seen, my time is going to start getting a little shorter in the next few weeks, and I am already having trouble answering all of the e-mail I get I do read them. (BTW: Neighbor Angie... Black and Gold!)

But I want to keep this blog going even if I can't post all the time, so I have enlisted (wait till he hears he has to go to basic training) the help of Dr. Dave. He is "Dr." because he has a PhD in things no one else on the planet ever seems to understand. But he also doesn't really like bragging going by that title, but we tend to call him that anyway. He has told me some of his ideas and they keep making me chuckle. So this could be interesting.

Don't worry I am not going anywhere, but I just figure a little help would be good right now.