Assumption of Command

26 August 2005

Dadmanly on OPSEC

First Sergeant Dadmanly is here in Iraq also. He has some great advice for MilBloggers concerning OPSEC. (Operational Security)

Blogging and OPSEC:
Operations Security (OPSEC) is a critical concept in warfare, and vital in our efforts against a well organized, patient, and secret enemy that can take maximum advantage of our transparency and press freedoms while easily denying us an equivalent advantage against them.

I have just received through multiple official channels a warning from the highest military officials, which should have received the widest dissemination possible. I would be virtually certain that any active duty, reserve or guard military member in a leadership position has received it as well.
Dadmanly is dead on here. OPSEC is very important. If I am posting something to this site or E-mailing it to my family, I think "Could the Enemy find this info valuable?" If the answer is yes, I have to either adjust what I say, or not say it at all. The old saying "loose lips, sinks ships" is still true in the information age.

Top, thanks for a great reminder!