Assumption of Command

09 August 2005

Dave is Famous

But he is not the Famous Dave BBQ guy.

Dr. Dave's post, here at AoC, introducing himself (while trying to encourage bribery) has made the big time. It was picked up on today's Dawn Patrol by Mrs Greyhawk at The Mudville Gazette.

I have mentioned it before, The Dawn Patrol is the place to get all kinds of cool articles and posts from around the Milblogs and Media. And Mrs G is even encouraging you to find stuff in the Dawn Patrol and post it on your blog.

If you find something you like, just link back to the Dawn Patrol and send a trackback and your very own post will be on the Front Page of the Mudville Gazzette. (Also helping your Ranking at the TTLB Ecosystem, and Mudville's for that matter)

So Today I found this post by Jack Army about our old friend Fred "Asshat" Phelps:

Phelps Planned Protest at Arlington Funeral of Fallen SF Soldier
It has been reported to me that Jim Phelps, the loser conducting shenanigans like this, planned to protest at the funeral for fallen Special Forces Sergeant Jason Palmerton.

There has been a call put out for anyone affiliated with the Special Forces community in the area of Arlington/Washington DC to "counterprotest" (my word, not theirs). Hopefully, everything ends peacefully and out of sight of the grieving family and friends.