Assumption of Command

08 August 2005

Hooah Wife

I am introducing another new member of the Milblogs ring. This time it is a bit different. She has been around a while but just now joined up and I have even linked her before.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Hooah Wife! I linked her back in my Hooah! post. She describes herself this way:
Married for 11 years - 3 children 9, 7, 4 - 4 cats, 1 obnoxious dog. I am Jewish, married into Southern Baptist, Catholic & Protestant Grandparents, Aunt that is a Nun and a Hispanic adopted child that was in foster care prior to adoption. Full-time Hooah mom with a Masters degree. Hometown anywhere the Army sends us.
Did everyone score that correctly? :)

Like me she has been distracted by Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:

Too Busy to Post
I am in the middle of Harry Potter. No cooking, cleaning, posting or tending to business until I finish. Of course I jest.
She also discusses a NY Times Article that has been making the rounds in the Milblogosphere:

Where Are the War Heroes?
I feel that the American youth of today are denied of knowing the respect and pedestals that the soldiers of yesterday received. What is wrong with this left wing, media crazy, anti-American sentiment that seems to be in vogue? Why has it become so acceptable to have a yellow ribbon on your car just to look good in the office parking lot? What happened to the patriotism after 9/11 when we realized that all AMERICANS ARE IN THIS TOGETHER? Everyone had a flag on their car and seemed so proud of it.

Go say Hi to the Hooah Wife.