Assumption of Command

08 August 2005

Mother of a Fallen Soldier

Michelle Malkin has an interesting piece about the Mother of a Fallen Soldier who in her grief has come out against the war and her visit with President Bush.

The Bush-bashing mother of a soldier who died in Iraq last year has garnered quite a bit of buzz from the MSM for her anti-war vigil outside of Crawford, Texas. Drudge highlights her rather drastic change of heart:
The woman is clearly anguished about her son's death, as any parent would be. But in her grief, she has lost sight of the fact that her 24-year-old son, Casey, proudly and willingly served. Sheehan's father told the press in April 2004 that his son had re-enlisted the previous August, planned to make a career in the military, and "loved the Army because it gave him a chance to serve his country."

Update: Confederate Yankee has a Straight Forward Monster Rant about Ms. Sheehan