Assumption of Command

01 August 2005

New Milblogger Time

I am going to start consistently posting about new members of the Milbloggers Ring. I think it is a good way to give them a little pub and to find out what others are talking about.

Disgrunteled Grunt, (hehe cool name!) describes him self like this:
A former US Army Infantry NCO having spent 6 years on Active Duty and 3 years in the National Guard. I am now sidelined with an injury which prevents me from being able to re-enlist and serve my country in uniform. Instead I have decided to serve by making sure I am supporting our fighting men and women any way I can.
Sounds good to me!

He has a couple of good posts that I would like to recommend.

First he talks about the Recruiters Vs Parents ongoing situation:

Protecting your children from the big bad boogey man?
If you do not want your child to enlist then don't sign the papers for them. However remember that at 18 years old they no longer need your signature so if they are interested in joining then be part of the solution. Sit with the recruiters, here them out and ask questions. Actually ask a lot of questions but remember that the recruiters can only give you information. I hate it, nay, CANNOT STAND IT when I hear people whine about how recruiters lie. No, they gave you just enough to hang yourself which is why I said ask a lot of questions. But know this, your child's enlistment options do not end with the recruiter it is when they meet with the career counselor at MEPS and you will not be allowed to be there for that part of it.
He also posts this on a soldier who purposely missed movement:

Soldier who refused to serve to face Court Martial
I hope they toss his a** in d-cell for some time. I am sure a lot of the men and women who are serving in Iraq would prefer to be somewhere else but they understood the importance of the mission and more importantly they remembered the oaths they swore and the buddies who they would be screwing over by refusing to do their jobs.

Go Take a look at his site and welcome him to the world of Milblogs.