Assumption of Command

12 August 2005

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"Life's funny. One day I'm singing 'She Bangs' on national tv, the next I'm the goalie on the rifle team."
Buckley F. Williams

The "William Tell" Awards
I know that story, but William Tell used a cross-bow, not a shotgun.
"What's that you say, William?? You want me to lower the target some more so that the red apple is on my head??"
Robin in Ohio

The "Because I like the Blue Collar Comedy Tour" Award
Bill Engvall: So you joined the army. Your job is at the firing range, as a Target specialist. Here's your sign!

The "Rodney is the Bottom of the Barrel" Award
The Army eventually decided not to locate Drill Practice beside the target range as they started to lose to many target holders when the Drill Instructors yelled. "ATTEN-SHUN"
Rodney Dill

Part of the OTB Caption Jam