Assumption of Command

26 August 2005

This Caption Contest is a Handful

(One of these sounds pretty good right now!)
(Update: I was talking about the beer!)

To **** with DoubleMint! From now on we're promoting this outfit.


The Semi-regular "Ewwwwwww Gross" Awards
"Dang it, now where did I sent down those, Lance Armstrong drug test specimens."
Rodney Dill

The "Husband and Wife Marketing" awards
Well it look's like that "Got Milk" ad has got to work hard to capture this demographic.
These two took the challenge to heart when they were asked whether it "tastes great or is less filling"

The "Because I am the Judge" Award
The Bush twins finally found some competition

Mustang 23

The "I don't Speak Swedish-- (Dave D. "It's German you dummy") or German" Award
Eins, Zwei, Drei, PROSIT !!!
Dave D

The "I need to see that" Award
Rare photo taken of FCC@V and roommate preparing for Mustang's arrival.

Part of the OTB Caption Jam