Assumption of Command

05 September 2005

Come Together, Right Now!

If I was to talk about a war torn country where three groups of people with long standing hatred are trying to work together to get their country to stand up on it's own, you would probably think I was talking about Iraq. But there is another country that fits this description as well: Bosnia.

Mustang Sarge (My dad) sent me this Article about the Bosnian's that are serving in Iraq and how the Serbs, the Croats and the Bosniacs (They don't like to be called the Muslims because we don't call the Serbs and the Croats by their religion) are working together for the good of another war torn country.

Former Bosnian foes find ethnic unity in Iraq
A platoon of Bosnian soldiers -- Muslims, Croats and Serbs, who were bitter enemies in a vicious sectarian war which ended 10 years ago -- play poker with each other after a hard day's work.

The atmosphere is jovial as the Bosnians, one of more than 20 nationalities within the US-led coalition, joke about their US counterparts.

"When a mortar shell lands near the camp they come round telling us to stay inside," says one with a grin.

"They don't realize we sometimes spent entire days under continuous shelling" during the Bosnian war.

This multi-ethnic unit of ordnance experts from Bosnia's two ethnically-divided armies -- probably among the most war-hardened coalition contingents in the whole of Iraq is making history for Bosnia-Herzegovina.
This makes me proud to be a vet of the Bosnian Peace Keeping Mission. Maybe this is foreseeing how Iraqi units can come together here in the near future. Only time will tell, but I am hopeful.