Assumption of Command

16 September 2005

Don't Monkey Around, Write a Caption

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Winners! (It was a tie!)
Now send up the real pictures of the Kansas Board of Education.
Hey hey we're the Senate Judiciary Committee,
People say we monkey around.
But we're to busy preening,
To smack John Roberts down
Charles Austin

The "For Calling Dave a Chimp, but more importantly not calling FCC@V a Chimp" Award
Dave (Middle Chimp): "Hey! I'm tired of waiting for Mustang 23 to get his butt home from Iraq!!!"
Mustang Mama (left chimp) and Mustang Sarge (right chimp): {muttering in agreement} "Mmmm, Hmmmmm!!!!"
Robin in Ohio

The "Change Step... MARCH!" Award
During a strategy session at a nature retreat, Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy and a sulking John Kerry (R to L) are informed that the resort is out of Jack Daniels.
Ma Deuce Gunner
I meant left to right.
Ma Deuce Gunner

The "Nothing to do with the picture award" Award
And for everybody else that says that Ohio has nothing in it I have one word for you: CEDARPOINT!!!!