Assumption of Command

02 September 2005

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"C'mon, Cindy! Just a couple of verses of Kumbayah, OK?"
BMG Mike

The "Just Plain Wrong" Award
Row, row, row your boat.... (M23 Adds "right up Bourbon Street") oh nevermind, that won't work right now.

The "there were too many good song lyrics" Awards

So many, I won't post them here!

The Return of the "Sucking up to the Judge" Award
No Mr. President, Mustang 23 can't be at the concert, he's off chasing camels.


The "Sometimes Pres. Bush Says Silly Things, But we love him anyway" Awards
"My baloney has a first name.... "
"One more time . . . Oh, you can't hug a child with nucular arms. . ."
Rodney Dill
"I wanna thank you for this lovely banjo..."