Assumption of Command

24 February 2005

The Power of Coffee!

Are you not sleeping well? Do helicopters hover over your bed at night? Do loud explosions shake your living area when you need a good night's sleep? Do people bother you for printer cartridges at Zero-Dark-Thirty. Are you already awake when your alarm goes off?

Here is what you do: Crawl on over the to the big pot with your handy dandy (and slightly dirty) mug and fill'er up with, not so fresh but oh so strong, Coffee.

Coffee! Its just like eye drops, It get the red out. It puts a pep in your step and helps you get through your daily marathon of meetings.

Just remember. When all else fails: Drink Coffee.

This post is not sponsored by Juan Valdez, but it should be.

Update: Mustang Brand Decaf