Assumption of Command

17 May 2005

Neat Story

Being the super popular web celebrity that I am... Oops! Starting over...

Being the highly talented, but under read blogger that I am... Okay, Okay...

Being the a deployed soldier that also has a weblog, (who sometimes lets his ego get carried away), I get some nice notes from readers of the website, between e-mails trying to convince me to tell them my banking information. It is cool hearing from people, but today when I opened my e-mail I got a real good one.

Karen, the self proclaimed "Itsy,bitsy caption lady", sent me this neat story.
Dear Mustang, I have a wonderful story and I wanted to share it with you. This happened yesterday and I am still walking on clouds. I belong to a group called Adoptaplatoon. Not sure if you've heard of us but we are a non-profit soldier support group (

Anywayyyy, at the moment I support a soldier and a Marine-both in Iraq. I was going to mail out their care packages this past Saturday but the new Star Wars movie ran longer than I thought it would and my regular post office closed before I could get there. Sunday morning found me up and on my way to the post office at the airport(open 7 days a week). The boxes were large and heavy so I could only take one in at a time. I brought one in and the young man behind the counter started to process it so I could go and get the other one.

An older man, who I had never seen working there before, asked me if I needed help. I politely declined and the yonger man proceeded to ask me the standard questions. I rattled off the contents and then said and "lots of powdered drink mix".Young man says "he must work out alot". I told him that no,this young man was in Iraq. Older guy peeks at the front of the box, I go out for box number two. I came back in to find just the younger man. He continued to process the paperwork and the older man came back. He told the younger guy "take it out of here" but I had no idea what he was talking about. When the bill was totalled, the younger man proceeded to take out a $100 bill and count out change. I was floored. I said I can't let him do that. Older guy says "I want to".

I thanked him and he told me just make sure to thank my son. I then had to explain that these young men were not related and I told him what we are involved in. Tears came to his eyes and of course then mine. This man had served in Nam. I thanked him and shook his hand-cried my eyes out as I walked to my car. I rushed home to email my Marine's family with the story.

I wanted them and I want you and all of your buddies to know that YES!! people back here do care. Forget the media and the occasional protests, people back home love you and support you! Stay safe! Karen
Trust me Karen, we know. Thank you for sharing such a neat story and for sending cool stuff to us over here. It means a lot.

Update: Welcome BlackFive Readers... Almost like clock work we received a bunch of cool stuff in the mail the day after I put this up: Boxes of cool stuff. Again Thanks to Karen and the many other people who send cool stuff to us troops over here.