Assumption of Command

15 July 2005

To the Rescue

Lisa sends this link:

Black Hawk Crew Rescues Three Afghan Children Near Salerno
It all started as Chief Warrant Officer James Gisclair was giving an orientation flight to a pilot new to the area. He and the new pilot, Chief Warrant Officer Nathan Scott, spotted a flash flood occurring after heavy rains hit the area earlier that day. They noticed a group of people standing alongside the banks of a flooding river, pointing toward the middle as they followed its path.

"As we looked closer we saw three kids stuck on a concrete foundation with the river rushing past them," Gisclair said. "We went back to Salerno, where we asked to go back to rescue the kids. We were approved to go back and get them, and when we got back there, the water had risen to above their feet."
It is a good story.

BTW: Lisa likes the saying "Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things"