Assumption of Command

10 August 2005

While we're at it, can we get the Gateway Arch off the Missouri quarter?

A confession: I'm a coin geek. And I don't mean that I simply set aside one of each state quarter; I'm the type that pumps quarters into a vending machine and keeps pushing "Coin Return" until it gives me the ones I want. I pay attention to mint marks, and try to find "P" and "D" examples of each coin (meaning coins produced at the Philadelphia and Denver mints, respectively). I purchase proof coins produced at the San Francisco mint, and bullion coins from the West Point mint. I know that there IS a West Point mint. I make people let me look at their change. I'll probably have a series of posts that are nothing more than pictures of my favorite coins, and explanations of why I like them.

It's a sickness, really.

Anyway, you get the idea. I offer the above only as explanation for why I find the following so amusing:

Ford City man wants quarter tossed

Tom Brubaker would like a little change -- a Pennsylvania quarter to be exact.

The Ford City man is on a personal mission to convince the state Legislature to change the engraving on the state's contribution to the U.S. Mint's '50 State Quarters' program.

Brubaker believes the Pennsylvania quarter is not in keeping with other state quarters.


'A mistake was made,' Brubaker said. 'The one on our quarter was poorly chosen. Correct the mistake.'"

There's only one problem with Mr. Brubaker's crusade to change the Pennsylvania quarter:

'They're not making any more,' (state representative Jeff) Pyle said."
Okay, I thought it was funny.