Assumption of Command

28 October 2005

Simpsons Quote Friday

Offered without context or explanation.
There's no sugar in Pixie Stix!"
--Bart Simpson

22 October 2005

Simpsons Quote Saturday

Offered without context or explanation.
Tonight a city weeps, as, for the first time ever, a hockey arena becomes the scene of violence following a concert by Spinal Tap."
--News Anchor Kent Brockman

15 October 2005

Simpsons Quote Friday/Saturday Lives!

Offered without context or explanation.
All normal people love meat. If I went to a barbeque and there was no meat, I would say, 'Yo Goober! Where's the meat!?'. I'm trying to impress people here, Lisa. You don't win friends with salad!"
-- Homer Simpson

13 October 2005

Technical Difficulties

We'll be back as soon as we get everything worked out
-- The Management

11 October 2005


08 October 2005

All tied up!

1. Write a Caption to this picture
2. Winners will be posted Monday
3. Make me laugh

Big Weekend.

This is a big weekend here. It is my sister's wedding. I am seeing all kinds of family that I haven't seen in a long time. But most importantly my girlfriend is here. FCC@V flew in to town on Thursday. I haven't seen her in 16 months and things are great. I took her to the Liberty Memorial, The nations official WWI Memorial. We went to the top of the 217 foot town and had a great view of KC. We also had Gate's barbecue! MMMMMMMMMMM!

FCC@V is great. It is so good to see her.

07 October 2005

Simpsons Quote Friday

Offered without context or explanation.
Hey Marge, remember when we used to make out to this hymn?"
--Homer Simpson

05 October 2005

Trying to be me again

This is kind of a odd thing to talk about for me. But it is something that is important. I am in my transition to being home.

One thing I am that is new is clean air. The Army Medics warned us that when we get home we could find ourselves coughing for a couple weeks as our lung adjust to having air without dirt and dust in it. I have been coughing in the morning. I hope this doesn't last very long.

My last 3 weeks of the mobilization was very stressful. I didn't have a lot of time to do other thing. If you haven't noticed, my posting on this blog has been limited. It takes a lot of work and coordination to get a unit out of Iraq. In true Army fashion, it was not as smooth of a process as one would like it to be. We spent a lot of time preparing to clear all of the different places, but one particular organization really screwed us. When we called ahead to ask them what we needed to do to clear, they gave us a list and we prepared our document accordingly. But when we got to Kuwait to do the actual clearing, they gave us a completely different list because they had imputed info in their database wrong. This was incredibly frustrating. It almost made me miss my freedom flight trying to fix it.

Why am I explaining all of this, well now that my 14 month mobilization and 12 month deployment is over, cap stoned by stressful time, I don't want to worry about anything at all. I am sick of questions. I am sick of planning. I am tired of little details. I just want to relax and unstress myself.

BTW: Thanks for all of the kind words. I am very glad to be home, but I also want to get past the welcome home phase and just "be home". If I have to go to another welcome home ceremony I think I will have to puke.

Time Change

FYI: Since I am no longer in Iraq, my blog clock needed to reflect that. So now the clock is set to Central Standard time. This has chaged all of the times on all of the posts.

03 October 2005

About Dang Time!

According to the comments being made, I have made it home. And since all blog comments are reliable, (yeah right) it must be true.

After two very long days in Kuwait, a 22 hour and 47 minute intercontinental flight including the 3 layovers, two incredibly bad Chiefs games, 5 long days getting my company De-mobilized with nearly zero internet access, and one Chipotle Burrito later, I am home in Kansas City. Phew!

It has been a long and hectic week and I woke up at 0430 this morning. More tomorrow.

01 October 2005

Simpsons Quote Saturday

Offered without context or explanation.
I know one of you is responsible for this, so repeat after me: If I withhold the truth, may I go straight to Hell, where I will eat naught but burning hot coals and drink naught but burning hot cola; where fiery demons will punch me in the back; where my soul will be chopped into confetti and strewn upon a parade of murderers and single mothers; where my tongue will be torn out by ravenous birds!"
--Reverend Timothy Lovejoy, addressing the children in his congregation.