Assumption of Command

11 August 2005

Bachelor Recipe Day

(Wherein I provide a recipe for a meal that I, as a bachelor, do not consider overly difficult to prepare or consume. It could be a multi-course Italian feast, it could be half a jar of peanut butter -- the only rule is that it must be something I've actually eaten as a meal.)

On the menu today ...

Mustang Mama's Hummus

What you'll need:

  • a couple cans of garbanzo beans (or, if you prefer, chick peas)
  • bulk cloves of garlic from Costco
  • a resealable plastic container, such as Tupperware or Gladware
  • a car


  2. Drive CAR at 45 mph (speed and drive times may vary) to the home of Mustang Sarge and Mustang Mama.
  3. Give GARLIC to Mustang Sarge and Mustang Mama as "gift."
  4. Casually mention a real craving for hummus. Describe difficulty encountered while trying to prepare it. Look dolefully at cans of GARBANZO BEANS.
  5. Act surprised when Mustang Mama offers to make hummus. Protest that it is unnecessary for approximately two seconds.
  6. Place finished hummus in TUPPERWARE. Thank Mustang Mama and MustangSarge profusely. Eat hummus for the next week.

Possible side dishes: Falafel dinner (if invited to stay).